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Transitioning Your Hair Care to Colder Weather

Transitioning Your Hair Care to Colder Weather

Transitioning Your Hair Care to Colder Weather

The weather is changing — does your hair care need change, too? The colder months, unfortunately, aren't known for being particularly kind to our strands. Dry, lifeless hair and an itchy scalp are all too common seasonal woes.

Don't get discouraged, however, as there's plenty you can do to offset the negative effects of the changing weather. A custom routine tailored to your hair’s evolving needs can do wonders to get your tresses back in excellent shape. Start by taking our signature Strands Test either online or in select Walmart stores, so that we can recommend the perfect products for you based on your environmental and hair biology data.

What Does Cold Weather Do to Your Hair?

The winter months can truly wreak havoc on your hair. Just like the cold, dry air can irritate your skin and cause it to start peeling, it can deplete the moisture levels in your hair, and dry it out. Combine this with the contrast between outdoor temperature and conditions and indoor heating and you've got yourself a whole host of problems — static frizz, split ends, hair breakage, an itchy scalp. Not ideal!

How to Help Your Hair Transition to Colder Weather

1. Find Out What Your Hair Needs

In order to properly take care of your hair, you need to find out exactly what it needs. Your hair's condition is impacted by a myriad of factors: the texture of your strands, the oil level of your scalp, the treatments you get at the salon, the humidity in the air and many, many others. These are near impossible to accurately track on your own — and that's why we thrive on data.

We created two tests —the  handheld Strands Smart Scanner, at select Walmart stores and our online Strands Test — to accurately assess your hair care needs. That's how we're able to recommend the most appropriate products for your unique hair concerns, through changes in season, climate, environment and also hair treatments. We offer shampoos matched to your scalp type (dry, balanced, oil-prone), conditioners tailored to your hair texture (fine, medium, coarse) and 10 precision doses, addressing the top 10 hair care needs, that you can mix with your shampoo and conditioner to fine-tune your hair care regimen to address exactly what your locks need at the moment.

2. Restore Moisture

Looking for a quick fix for your dried-out tresses? Upgrade your conditioner to a more hydrating formula to give your hair an extra boost of moisture without weighing it down. Look for nourishing ingredients such as squalane, coconut oil and shea butter as they'll keep moisture locked in your hair for longer. If you're struggling with chronic dryness, you can boost the hydrating power of your shampoo and conditioner by adding our Moisture Boost Dose Set to your regimen may be just what you need. This sulfate- and paraben-free formula is enhanced with pro vitamin B5 to nourish strands and make your hair softer and more manageable.

3. Soothe Your Dry Scalp

Battling an irritated scalp? Switch out your go-to shampoo for a gentler alternative. A soothing formula that's specifically designed for dry scalps can help decrease the itchiness winter weather can bring. Look for hydration powerhouse ingredients such as squalane and enhance the potency of your shampoo and conditioner by adding targeted treatments like the Scalp Reset Dose Set, which uses algae extract to help remove build-up and rebalance the scalp. Also, consider washing your hair a bit less often. Pushing back your wash day will allow your natural hair oils to sit on your scalp for longer and thus protect it from the harsh elements.

4. Be Gentle with Heat

We all love a good blow dry, but heat styling your hair is unfortunately not the best way to keep it moisturized and healthy. During the winter months, you're best off keeping heat treatment to a minimum. Instead, swap out the daily heat styling for simple hairdos like buns, braids and twists — your strands will thank you for it.

Keep in mind that reducing heat doesn't mean that you should leave the house straight out of the shower — wet hair is prone to breakage, not to mention it can make you uncomfortably cold. If you absolutely have to blow dry, amplify the protective benefits of your shampoo and conditioner by adding our Heat Defense Dose Set and/or Anti-Breakage Dose Set. These protein-rich mix-in treatments will boost your hair's resilience and minimize damage.

Another trick is to rinse out your shampoo with cooler water. Now, we're not saying you should rinse out with freezing cold water, but lowering the temperature even a little bit can promote scalp health and prevent the hot water from stripping as much of your natural hair oils.

Transitioning to Colder Weather: The Bottom Line

During the cold months, your hair most likely needs extra moisture, hydration and protection from the elements. Eliminate the guesswork by taking our Strands Test and finding out exactly what your hair's needs are. Your customized shampoo and conditioner recommendations will include targeted, add-in dose sets that make your hair care work even harder when the weather — and your hair style — changes with the seasons.


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